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Why an oncology massage

 en no regular massage

What makes cancer a specialization in massage is a combination of a number of aspects. We know many types of cancer in various places in the body and each with its own symptoms. People with cancer often receive a combination of treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or hormone therapy. These treatments usually take a year or more to complete and can have both short-term and long-term side effects. In addition to the physical, psychological and social-emotional aspects also play a role in this. All these aspects together entail a pattern of symptoms, which must be taken into account during the massage - often also for a longer period of time. Knowledge of this is therefore very important. The massage should be provided as such, that it always remains responsible and supportive.

When not a massage

Contraindications for massage in cancer

Zuivere olie in een flesje die bij de massage gebruikt wordt

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In some situations, a cancer massage is not indicated. It concerns the following:

  • If you have a fever;

  • If you are dealing with topical thrombosis, a pulmonary embolism or acute deep vein thrombosis (DVT);

  • If you have an infection.

Massage for cancer is a way to relax for a while, to regain a bit of balance and not to have to think about the disease process for a moment.


Research and practical experience show that oncology massage has a positive effect on pain, anxiety, depression and stress. It reduces nausea and improves sleep.


Oncological massage supports and relaxes your body in a natural way. This way you can take some time for yourself

What does massage do for cancer

twee paar handen die elkaar vasthouden

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Massage with attention

Massaging with attention means that I create a calm, pleasant environment for you. The massage room is heated and has, where possible, dimmed lighting. If desired, you can ask for nice music in the background. The massage oil is heated and I also make sure you are warm and keep it warm. I take into account that you may be sensitive to stimuli due to the therapy treatments.

Massaging with attention also means that you as a client are in control and I will always ask you what you need, what you do and do not want, for example because of pain or discomfort.

What does an oncology massage look like in practice

The massages are individually tailored. Prior to your appointment, an extensive medical history will be taken. You can fill in the intake form yourself in advance and/or at a time of your choosing. You can do that with me too.

Based on the anamnesis, I make a treatment and massage plan that I discuss with you and to which you give the green light. The anamnesis can take place at the massage appointment itself, but also at a time that is convenient for you prior to it.


A massage lying down

1. You take a seat on the massage table, which is covered with a fine microfiber cover.

2. Depending on your personal situation, you lie on your stomach, back or on your left or right side.

3. Your head rests on a soft pillow (with a soft neck roll if desired), after which your body is warmly and comfortably covered with a fleece bath towel and/or fleece blanket.

4. If you lie on your side, I will place one or more small pillows in such a way that no unnecessary pressure is created in your legs. Your feet, arms and hands are also supported where necessary.

5. In between I always check whether you are comfortable and lying down.

6. Due to possible fragile or allergic skin, an unscented grape seed oil is used in the massage without additives.

7. Your clothes are protected by the microfiber in such a way that no oil gets on them.


A massage while seated

1. You take a seat at the head end of the massage table or other available table.

2. Here is a soft cushion on which to lay your arms and head. Then I cover you warmly with a pleasant fleece bath towel.

3. In this way the back, neck or arms can be massaged.

4. If your arm is being massaged, take a seat next to the massage table and then place your arm on the massage table.


A massage for neuropathy

If you are dealing with neuropathy, you can certainly also be massaged. All aspects will be discussed in the anamnesis, including where you are free of complaints, partly free of complaints and where you are not.

1. You take a seat on the massage table on your back.

2. All necessary measures are taken together with you, so that you are as comfortable as possible and warm. The fleece towel will never hang over the table over the hand and/or foot area, but will be kept free where this is required by you. This is due to the weight of the towel in relation to the sensitivity in your limbs

Handdoeken, plaid en olie die worden gebruikt bij de massage

The massage techniques

Most massages are performed in a manner that is most comparable to applying lotion gently to the skin. It can also happen that only the hands are placed on the skin. As a result of removed lymph nodes, there is a chance of developing lymphedema for a longer period of time. For that reason, oncological masseurs must adhere to the guidelines that have been drawn up for the prevention of lymphedema.Edema treatment itself is only reserved for BIG registered persons, such as an oncology physiotherapist or edema therapist.

Duration & rates


The duration and type of massage is tailored to your situation and your individual needs. The total consultation takes approximately 60 minutes.



One-off intake/medical preparation

report Massage for Cancer 



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